I started breeding Tervueren under the kennel name ‘Kennel Lundin Loyalty’ back in 1994. For several years, I had researched the breed and the priorities and dogs of various Danish breeders. Subsequently, I looked for the most harmonious dogs I could find on the market. At that time, there were only show lines in Denmark.

After a few years, I quickly realized that I wanted dogs with a stronger nervous system, better drives, and a more outgoing character. This led me to switch to working lines, as the mentality and working abilities perfectly aligned with my breeding goals. At that time, the working lines were primarily found in France, but the population has increased over the years, so now there is a significantly larger breeding base of working Tervueren in Europe.

Kennel Lundin Loyalty is a small family breeding, and I only plan litters occasionally. When we have puppies, there is a strong focus on socializing them to ensure they have a secure and varied upbringing from the start. Socialization, particularly with people, is crucial for the dog’s future social life. The puppies grow up in our home and are part of our daily lives. We live in a residential area with large green spaces nearby, providing the puppies with optimal opportunities to be close to the family and experience everyday sounds, scents, and the life and sounds of the city.