Born : 30.may 2008 (Dead)

HD: AA, AD: 00

På dansk

Gabi is a lovely girl, and contains many positive abilities, that together makes her a fantastic dog. Gabi is from the best Malinois workinglines, and are born a Tervueren from a Malinois litter. This creates unicque possibilities for the breeding of working Tervuerens.

Gabi has a huge natural working potentiale, and she works calm and selfconfident without stress. In tracks she has a formidable way of working, which is very determined and concentrated.

Gabi has the capacity to go very far in workingsports. Gabi is a mentally strong bitch, that are very selfconfident. She has a strong nervesystem, and are harmonic and velbalanced. She has a very high drive, a deep strong bite/grap, and are extremely athletic and fast during working.

She is kind to people, and are especially fond of children. She is not dominant, and plays happily with other dogs.

In the home she is a wonderful girl, which is very cute and a real hug-pet 🙂

Gabi has a wonderful warm red colour, and a very beautiful black mask. She has a good medium size, very good angulations and bones. Her movements are fantastic flying, and she is extremely athletic.  Her coat are not long, but of acceptable length and structure.