Born : 11. june 2014

HD: AA, AD: 00

På dansk

Juizy is a unique little star. Due to her lovely mind and amazing workingproperties, she gets much praise in the dog world.
She has all the key qualities expected of an ideal working- and family dog.
Juizy is from the best Malinois workinglines, and is estimated to increase the quality of working Tervueren to a very high level.
This provides unique opportunities for breeding of working Tervueren.

Juizy has a large congenital user potential, and she is working effectively and confidently without stress.
She works very focused and concentrated, and can continue for long without getting tired.
She is generally very willing to cooperate, and learn very quickly and easily.
Juizy has the capacity to get very far in most working dogs sports.

Juizy is a mentally strong bitch, who is very outgoing and confident.
She has a strong nervous system, and is harmonious and very well balanced.
She has very high drives, a deep solid bite, and is extremely athletisk and fast during work.
Her conformation is very harmonious and healthy, and she can work in all kinds of terrain.
She is not affected by environment, including smooth and movable surfaces etc.

She is very flattering to all people.
At the home she’s a lovely and social girl, who is very charming, and loves to lie on the couch with us.
She likes to play with other dogs.