Born : 23. december 1997 (Dead)

HD: A2

På dansk

Lancae is an extremely social female, very easy to handle. She is very approachable and loves all people. She is very eager to please and loves to cooperate. She has a wonderful loving temperament and is very easy to fall for! Lancae has been mentally tested and shows a delightful mentality and a good nervous system. She has good curiosity and a lot of drive.

Lancae is trained in Obedience and Tracking and has strong drives. She has great abilities in both areas, as well as a strong desire for agility. Her high level of responsiveness and joy in working make her a fantastic dog to collaborate with. She is trained in the Police Dog Association in Tracking, Obedience, Area Search, and Protection Work.

Lancae is a square and robustly built female, with strong, straight legs. She is red-gold with a black mask and appropriate charbonnage. Her angles are adequate. Her ears are medium-sized and set high, and the mask is very good. A female with charm and a lovely breed-typical expression.