Born : 10. february 2004 (Dead)

HD: AB, AA: 00

På dansk

Piondie exhibits a strong psyche and is very independent. She is very easy to handle, calm, friendly, and very well-balanced. She has high drives and is very focused on the training ground, showing a great desire to work. Piondie is very harmonious and loves all children and adults. She is a female with a lot of charisma and charm.

She is trained in the Police Dog Association and is a pleasure to train. She has great potential and has what it takes to be a good training partner. Piondie’s career started when she, at 3 ½ months old, won the final test in Holbæk Police Dog Association’s puppy obedience course on May 27, 2004. Piondie received a gold medal with 69 points out of 70. She was the youngest and won over about 15 puppies up to 1 year old.

Piondie is trained in the Police Dog Association and was certified in PH on November 12. She excelled by scoring 107.8 points out of 110. The program includes Tracking, Area Search, Obedience, and Protection Work.

Piondie has a lovely warm red color with appropriate charbonnage and a jet-black mask. She has strong, straight legs and moves very quickly and athletically. Her angles are good, especially in the rear. Her ears are medium-sized and well-set. Her coat has a good texture.